From Unifor National,

“As a political union, Unifor takes an active role to influence government policy and defend the needs of workers. The work of our union is vast; it’s diverse and central to strengthen the gains made at the bargaining table, and it involves lobbying for a budget that works for us.

Unifor takes part not only in the federal government’s pre-budget consultations, but sends representatives to the annual federal Budget Day lockup to get an early view of the budget, analyze it and comment on what on the new spending plan and how workers in our union may be impacted. For every government, the budget is their primary political document. It is where governments set top priorities by spelling out what actions its ministries are committing money to and what new public policy measures will be implemented.

Given the importance and impact the federal budget has on our union and the lives of every worker, Unifor Economist Jordan Brennan has prepared a brief analysis to understand what’s in the budget.

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In brief, you should know that the first budget from the new Liberal government in 2016 was a welcome change from the attacks on working people we saw under the previous Conservative government. While the 2017 budget offers many continued promises and the first-ever gender-based analysis of the budget, it is short on details in the way of actual money.”