You likely heard the news. In just 58 days from today U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to call Canada and Mexico to the negotiating table to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Now, after months of relative silence on this massive trade deal, the Trudeau government has finally opened consultations to hear what Canadians want to see in a renegotiated NAFTA.

But you and I must act quickly. Global Affairs Canada is only accepting public comments until July 18, giving you less than a month to get your concerns on the record!

Will you please take a moment to send the Trudeau government a clear message about this deal? NAFTA renegotiation shouldn’t focus on “America first,” as Trump wants. Instead, it should focus on making NAFTA a better, fairer deal for everyone.

NAFTA has not been a good deal in many ways. For years, we have seen its ravages – the Chapter 11 corporate lawsuits that have cost Canada more than $170 million to date with billions more in pending lawsuits, eroded environmental and public policy, hollowed out manufacturing towns and hundreds of thousands of people put out of work, and greater inequality in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

NAFTA has served the interests of multi-billion corporations at the expense of people and the planet.

With your help together we can change this. Let’s send the Trudeau government to the NAFTA negotiation table this August with a strong mandate from the people: Protect Canadian jobs, farmers, the environment and our democracy.

In particular, any renegotiated NAFTA must remove three key problems areas:

• Chapter 11 and its unfair rules that allow corporations to sue governments over laws or policies, even if they are in the public interest.

• References to water as a “tradeable good, service or investment,” which leave Canada’s water vulnerable to bulk exports.

• Energy sharing rules that mean we constantly have to send oil to the U.S., locking us into a production cycle of more climate-polluting tar sands oil that will make it impossible for us to meet our climate targets.

NAFTA renegotiation shouldn’t be about putting “America first.” By adding your voice you can call on the Trudeau government to help make NAFTA better for people and the planet, ensuring it protects and expands Canadians jobs, doesn’t give corporations the power to sue governments, and safeguards our environment and water.

Let’s stand up to Trump on trade! Please add your voice now

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