Just a reminder that the Unit 1 Bargaining proposal meeting is tomorrow, Sunday June 4th, 10am, at Centennial hall in London.

Message from the Bargaining committee;
‘The purpose of these meetings is to review the results of the proposal surveys and to establish the bargaining proposals going into negotiations. The prepared proposals will be presented in their entirety after which, members may ask questions and raise new proposals/ideas at these meetings. Members are free to debate any of the proposals. The package will be voted upon for approval at the end of the meetings. This package will be presented to the company when we enter negotiations. All full-time Local 88 GM Unit members in good standing will have rights to voice and vote at these meetings. TPT’s may also attend the meetings but are not eligible to vote. Guests (non-Local 88 GM Unit members) are not permitted to attend meetings. Items specific to the trades will be discussed and debated at the Skilled Trades Proposal Meeting. No proposals that deal with plant wide economics or plant wide language will be discussed, those items will only be dealt with at the General Membership Proposal Meeting. This is your chance to participate in the forming of the next collective agreement, we encourage all members to attend.’