• GM made approximately $12 billion last year, they can certainly afford to provide their employees with the same rights as every other worker in Ontario
  • Unifor National is working on an update for Auto Plants and we will provide it when it is available
  • Auto Workers in Ontario have been completely blindsided by the amendments to this legislation
  • Our members need to act on this NOW!

The recent changes announced by the Ontario Government to the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act are not being applied equally to all sectors and workers.

The Automotive Industry (GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota, Honda, etc.) has lobbied the Ontario government to have workers in the automotive industry excluded from the new provisions around Personal Emergency Leave under Regulation 502.

Under the current proposed Regulation 502, workers in the automotive industry:

  • will not receive the 2 paid personal emergency leave days that all other workers in Ontario receive;
  • will only be entitled to 7 unpaid days of personal emergency leave leave instead of the 10 days which all other workers in Ontario will get;
  • will be required to obtain a medical note after 7 days instead of after 10 days for other workers in Ontario


There are no good reasons, other than the automotive industry wants to exploit workers further and want more control over their employees. The automotive industry is making record profits on the backs of workers. The Government of Ontario needs to realize that the workers vote at election time, not employers. We, all Unifor Local 88 members, need to send a message immediately.

We urge you to contact the Premier of Ontario-Kathleen Wynne, the Minister of Economic Development and Growth-Brad Duguid, the Minister of Labour-Kevin Flynn and your MPP to let them know that you are very upset that the changes to the ESA and LRA are not being applied the same and equally to all industries, including automotive.

The message is brief; “Rescind Employment Standards Act Regulation 502. All workers, regardless of the industry/sector, in Ontario should have the same rights and protections, there must be no exclusions.”

Premier of Ontario – Kathleen Wynne- contact info

Minister of Economic Development and Growth – Brad Duguid- contact info

Minister of Labour- Kevin Flynn – contact info

Current MPP’s by Name or Riding – find your MPP here

We urge all members to send a message!! Regulation 502 can be rescinded!! 

Update from Unifor National-  ESA ON changes auto sector update 2017 12 21


If you would prefer to send a paper letter to the Premier and Ministers you can download a PDF to send.