The leadership of Unifor Local 88 has initiated a written resolution and an e-petition calling on the federal government to intervene in the decision by General Motors to shift production of the next generation GMC Terrain to Mexico, to end production of the current Chevrolet Equinox one year early, all which will result in the layoff of 600 members from our local union. We are asking all members to participate in both.

Resolution-please contact your committeeperson to obtain a copy of this resolution, gets signatures and return to inplant office or union hall office. For a copy of the petition click- Maintain GM CAMI Ingersoll Production and Staffing Levels Petition 2017-Final

E-Petition-please visit the e-petition website at sign the petition and share the links with family and friends. Deadline to sign e-petition is August 4, 2017 at 10:48am

I urge all members to share both the resolution and e-petition with your family and friends.