Send your message to decision-makers today: the TPP is not a good deal for Canada

The TPP is a bad deal for Canadians. It will restrict free expression online, kill jobs, undermine environmental protections, and erode your democratic rights.

 The UPC is strongly encouraging you to take just a moment to go to  and make  your voice heard!

Right now the government is asking Canadians what they think before they move to push this agreement into law. This is your best chance to let your MP and the Parliamentary Committee reviewing the TPP know where you stand. Use this tool to get your views on the public record of the Standing Committee on International Trade. 


By now, many of us have heard that the Trans-Pacific Partnership was negotiated in complete secrecy, with no opportunity for Canadians to engage with the process or to have their voices heard.

This changes today.

Our government has promised us real consultation on the TPP, and we’re asking you to let them know exactly where you stand.

With the full text of the agreement in hand we now know for certain that the TPP will kill jobs, stifle free expression online, threaten environmental protections, and cost Canadians money.

And the real poison pill still looms: investor-state provisions in the TPP would allow foreign conglomerates to challenge our domestic laws and subject Canada to multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Now is the time for you to send your message to your MP and to the Liberal government. Use our talking points, or craft your own unique message to tell decision-makers your concerns about the TPP.

Remember: it’s not an agreement unless we agree to it.