Last night at the monthly meeting of Oxford Reginoal Labour Council the delegates elected the new executive board for the next 2 years. Here are the results;



President: Linda Leyten
1st Vice President: Kristine Hamilton
2nd Vice President: Vacant
Financial Secretary: Linda Smith
Recording Secretary: Shawn Rouse
Sergeant-at-Arms: Brian Ginty
Member-at-Large: Terry Coleman
Member-at-Large: Kathy Madronich
Member-at-Large: Vacant
3 Year Trustee: Joanne Archer
2 Year Trustee: Janet Booker (currently in the second year of a 2 year term)
1 Year Trustee: Doug Steele

Congratulations to all elected and a special recognition to Local 88 members Linda Leyten, Linda Smith, Brian Ginty, Kathy Madronich and Janet Booker!