Strike pay cheque pick up is still available at the union hall today (Thursday, October 19th) until 5pm and all day tomorrow (Friday, October 20th) from 6am to 5pm.

After Friday, strike pay can be picked up at the union hall office (in the house) during normal office hours only from 7am to 4pm.

Strike pay cheques from weeks 1 to 4 will be held at the union hall office until Friday, November 3rd after which they will be sent back to Unifor National UNLESS you have made prior arrangements with me to pick them up at a later time.  If you need to make other arrangements please email me at .

The final strike pay cheque covering Monday, October 16th for $35.71 for everyone who was on picket duty for duration of the strike will be MAILED to your home address from Unifor National.

If you have moved within the last six months and have not given GM Cami a change of address, please send me your new address BY EMAIL with your name and employee number to by Monday, October 23rd at 4pm.

In Solidarity,

Linda Leyten, Financial Secretary