I urge all Unifor 88 members to send a message to the union busting president of D-J Composites!

As the end of the year draws to a close our minds often turn to the holiday season and spending time with family. This is so important for all of us and we cherish those quiet moments before starting another year. But this experience will not be the situation for all Unifor members.

For 32 members of Local 597 in Gander, Newfoundland this season brings an unfortunate reminder of the one-year anniversary of a difficult lock-out by their employer D-J Composites Inc.

Today we are writing to ask every member and every local in our great union for solidarity to help the locked-out members of Local 597.

After two years of negotiations on December 19, 2016, D-J Composites forced our members out of work and in to the cold. To this day, D-J Composites continues to make demands that disregard the seniority rights of workers and undermines the union. The employer continues to seek:

  • A merit based wage schedule (conditional pay);
  • A wage offer that would have some members’ wages frozen at their April 1, 2014 wage rate until at least December 2020; and
  • Workplace reorganization scheme that places workers into classifications, regardless of seniority.

The company’s proposals are neither fair nor reasonable and our union will not stand for it! Unifor’s bargaining committee remains committed to getting our members back on the job by negotiating a fair collective agreement. These workers have stood strong on the picket line. Their resolve and solidarity has been truly inspiring, but they need our help.

Send the employer a message. Click here to send a letter to Rezaul Chowdhury, president of D-J Composites (Engineering). Tell D-J Composites that enough is enough – show workers respect! It’s time for the company to accept that their tactics are not working. Let’s negotiate.

To learn more about this lock-out and stay up to date, visit http://www.unifor.org/en/node/12434/