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From Unifor National.

Unifor recognizes Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31. This is an annual day that celebrates the valuable roles that transgender people hold both within the union and around the world.
Transgender people are those who identify with a gender other than the sex assigned at birth, and too often these individuals are targeted because of their gender. Sometimes just living and existing in the world causes transgender people to be on the receiving end of hate, bullying, harassment and discrimination.
It is, however the courage of transgender people and those individuals who do not confirm or identify with a particular gender is remarkable, especially in the face of such violence. Unifor applauds the contributions of transgender people and their resistance for safety and visibility.
While visibility is important for all trans people, Unifor encourages all members to celebrate trans lives and to join with those in our union and the surrounding community to be an active ally.
In the workplace you can help to empower others to find their voice and advocate for their rights at work and in the wider Canadian society.
Be a voice and a champion for human rights. Here are three quick actions that you can do to make a difference!
1. Post and share the Unifor graphic on six ways you can be an ally.
2. Read the Workers in Transition Guide to understand how you can support someone in our union or your workplace that is transitioning.
3. Add your voice. Email your MP to ask that the Canadian Human Rights Act be amended to help protect transgender children, and all trans and gender nonconforming people from being discriminated against. Adopt bill C-16. If passed this bill will include gender identity and gender orientation within the Canadian Human Rights Act much in the same way that women and people of colour are protected under the Human Rights Act. Unifor calls for the speedy adoption of this legislation by the Senate of Canada.