Please see the new promotion by the Unifor Group Home and Auto program, administered by members of Local 1106 at Breckles Insurance Brokers Waterloo. The program enables Unifor members to purchase home and automobile insurance at preferred group rates. Breckles can offer multiple company quotes to ensure you have the best options when it comes to price and coverage.

We can count on Breckles and their insurance partners to offer:

-Competitive group discounts

-High level of service standards

-Solid financial status

-Industry leading claims handling (24-hours, 7 days a week)

-Convenient and no fee payment options

Unifor and Breckles are excited to promote this important benefit to you. We understand you have options when it comes to Home and Auto insurance.  We recommend this program as another trusted option for your insurance needs.  Take advantage of a no obligation quote and insurance review.

visit  and use PROMO CODE:  88TIMCARD

Or Call: 1-877-229-4677

Promotion ends September 1, 2018