Please see the attached submission that was presented at Social Security Tribunal (SST) Canada Review in Toronto during a focus group session on July 4, 2017. The SST is the new appeal process was created under the Harper Conservative Government. The SST hears appeals for issues relating to Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan benefits.

The core concerns raised by Unifor and Canadian Labour Congress include;

  1. Restore the prominent decision-making role of labour and business, the key EI stakeholders
  2. Eliminate provisions for ‘summary dismissal’ and ‘consent to appeal’
  3. Provide appellants with copies of their files, in full and early in the process
  4. Conduct internal reconsiderations only at appellants’ request, not as a mandatory step
  5. Expand resources for challenging decisions and support the role of claimant advocates including unions including requiring the publication and indexation of all decisions
  6. Provide appellants with the right to in-person hearings


Unifor Local 88 submission- SST Canada Review 07 2017 R-2