I keep getting asked “…what do retirees actually do?”
We meet on the second Wednesday of the month, excluding July, August, and December. We socialize, play cards, discuss what is bothering individuals, no matter what. Mainly benefit problems like dental or prescription changes, or when traveling outside of Ontario.
We have a pot-luck lunch at all meetings other than June (BBQ) and November (Christmas lunch)
We have gone to Caesars Palace in Windsor. With other locals, we have gone on wine tours. We have visited the Fusion Youth Centre a few times. Help out when the plant has an open house. Help support our own Local 88 at the Christmas toy drive and parade, the Labour Day events at the hall. Just where ever we can be of any help.What ever you decide to do, we make happen, when possible.
There are a few conventions that we can attend. There is the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada, the Ontario Federation of Union Retirees, and of course, the Unifor Retired Workers Conference held in Port Elgin each Labour week. Although we are retired, we do collect a token dues payment of $2.00 per month. this goes to help defray the cost of the different events that go on throughout the year.
Where there is a union drive going on, we go out and show support.
Where there is a strike or lock-out, we go and show support, even if only for 10 minutes.
We attend rallies, whether in the Niagara area, Toronto, or Montreal showing our dislike of certain political leaders, or support for the Steel Workers in Hamilton, or the EMD workers locked out in London.