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$531,299 Raised For United Way

$531,299 Raised For United Way

The United Way has a proven ability to make a real difference in people’s lives. The United Way Campaign is vital to the success of many charitable organizations in the community in which we live. These charitable organizations would not be able to function without continued support from the United Way. The United Way of Elgin & Middlesex and the United Way of Oxford are no different they play a very important role in our communities.


At this time, I would like to recognize some individuals and groups of people;

  • Joint Unifor Local 88/GM CAMI Ingersoll United Way Committee Chairpersons
    • Jana Wreford-Unifor 88
    • Mark Taylor-Unifor 88
    • Dan Bender-Salary


The co-chairpersons play a significant role each year in setting up, organizing and bringing everything together for this very important and worthwhile campaign. If not for these three individuals there would not be a successful fund raiser. THANK YOU

  • United Way Canvassers


There are many volunteers that seek out donations from each employee of GM CAMI Ingersoll. They encourage donations and answer questions. Each canvasser is very dedicated to the United Way campaign. They play a significant role in the success of this campaign. THANK YOU

  • GM CAMI Ingersoll


Each year GM CAMI Automotive is very supportive of this campaign and this year is no different. They have step up to the plate once again by providing a sponsored employee to the United Way Elgin & Middlesex, they have been active in many of the events that occur over the campaign period, and once again this year made a significant donation. THANK YOU

  • Justin O’Dea, Sponsored Employee


We have had the pleasure of seeing Justin at work over his period with the United Way Elgin & Middlesex. He has been very busy visiting workplaces, making presentations and seeking out new canvassers along with many other important tasks. THANK YOU

  • Unifor Local 88 Membership/GM CAMI Ingersoll Salary Staff


At a time in our communities when more and more people are struggling to deal with the burdens of day to day life it is not surprising to see the members of Unifor Local 88 and the salary staff of GM CAMI Ingersoll step up and make a difference. Your support will allow the United Way to continue to support the many charitable organizations in each of our communities. Your generosity does make a difference. THANK YOU

On behalf of the Leadership of Unifor Local 88 I say;

THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATION to the salary staff of GM CAMI Ingersoll and the members of Unifor Local 88.



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