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CAMI Assembly Open House Event – Wednesday August 8th CAMI Assembly and Unifor Local 88 are excited to open their doors and welcome the local community to tour the award-winning manufacturing plant on Wednesday, August 8. You will be able to see the Chevrolet Equinox come to life – from the roll of steel in our stamping shop to rolling off the end of the line in general assembly. In May, CAMI cele...


New Employee discount from Columbia. Click link below to view or print flyer. GM CANADA CAMI ASSEMBLY_Spring London Columbia Sportswear Employee Store Invite

UAT Training Information.

Union Awareness Training – Trainers Required As a result of the 2017 Collective Agreement each Union Member represented by Unifor Local 88 will be provided with 24 hours of Union Awareness Training.  This training will be conducted at the Unifor Local 88 Union Hall.  The following positions are required: Four Full Time Trainers Two Alternate Trainers (activated only in long term absence by full ti...


This document outlines who can vote for what. C/O OF THE ELECTIONS COMMITTEE   FULL TIME  ACTIVE- BASED ON YOUR SHIFT AND ZONE PLUS SPECIALTY REPS AND EXECUTIVE   RETIRED MEMBERS CAN VOTE FOR: President, Vice-president, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, Guide, Trustees (3), Delegates   AWC MEMBERS/DCT CAN VOTE FOR: President, Vice-President, Recording Secre...


As a show of solidarity to the Humboldt Broncos and their families after the tragic event that happened in Saskatchewan Thursday April 12 2018 will be Jersey/Green Shirt day at Cami across all 3 shifts. This initiative is Canada wide. So tell your friends and neighbours!   Members are encouraged to take pics of their teams participating and share on Social Media using the hashtag #jerseysforh...

App Issues Help Form.

Because technology…. Issues will arise when the app doesn’t do what you want it too. It going to have growing pains as we add more users. This app belongs to everyone in Local 88. So if you experience any issues lets work together to fix them. We have created a form to help with letting us know the issues. Simply tap the Quick Links tab inside the app and scroll down to the form. Fill ...

Introducing our NEW Unifor Local 88 APP!!

Introducing the NEW Unifor Local 88 App. We have been real busy working on a new app for the members. Our previous one was glitchy and when we moved sites to the new server they basically stopped supporting us You will find new features in the new app including access to the members area, Quick link to the Calendar and a ALERTS section to filter all notifications. in regards to notifications, Thos...

Plastic Bottle Deposit Petition.

Over a billion bottles and cans don’t get recycled in Ontario each year! Sign this petition to help change that.These recyclables either end up in our landfills or littered in our streets, parks and rivers. Recyclables are being washed downstream and polluting our Great Lakes and drinking water. Tiny bits of plastic are being eaten by small fish and other animals which cause chemicals to enter the...

Used Cell Phone Recycling.

Posted on behalf of the Environment Committee. For information on joining the Environment Committee. Please contact Todd Sleeper or Ashley Osborne.

Environmental Awards Dinner

Congrats to Local 88 member Linda Smith. For information on joining the Environment Committee please contact Todd Sleeper or Ashley Osborne.  

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