Author: Joe Graves

Pension Update

DB pension update (1)

AWC Ratification Results

The following are the ratification results from both units 88 & 222 combined: AWC Ratification Results ………………….YES          NO Oshawa       16             39 Ingersoll      27             1 Total            43             40 RATIFIED    51.8%

Domestic Abuse Services Oxford

A request has been made to spread the word that the Domestic abuse treatment center in Woodstock is in desperate need of certain supplies. There are currently 6 babies living at the shelter and they have asked us for help. The supplies really in demand are (nestle good start formula and size 6 diapers) any contributions would be greatly appreciated.


Your AWC (Auto Warehousing Canada) bargaining committee is pleased to announce there’s a tentative agreement to vote on at the Unifor Local 88 hall on September 16, 2018 at 10:00am. The Bargaining Committee is unanimously supporting the 2018 tentative collective agreement. Please take the time to attend this meeting to vote.

AWC Ratifications/Negotiations Meeting

Auto Warehousing Unit will be holding a Ratification/Negotiations Meeting on September 16, 2018 at the Unifor 88 Local Hall at 10:00AM. The Agenda for the meeting will be an update of negotiations and hold a ratification/information session. Your Auto Warehousing Canada Bargaining Committee strongly encourages everyone to attend.

2018 Fall P.E.L. Participants

  The 2018 Fall application and selection process is now been completed. Most applicants have been delivered a letter explaining the committees decision and what course if a successful candidate. If you have not received notification please call me at the Local office or contact your committeeperson.