Have a say in whether a dump comes to your community

The London Free Press is running a survey on the bottom right corner of their online edition at www.lfpress.com . It asks if people want communities to have the right to decide on a future they approve. A “yes” vote will assist our community in stopping the dump and will help all communities on the Thames River. Please consider going on this survey to support our anti-dump efforts. Please also consider inviting a friend or two to do the same. Thank you.

Plastic Bottle Deposit Petition.

Over a billion bottles and cans don’t get recycled in Ontario each year! Sign this petition to help change that.These recyclables either end up in our landfills or littered in our streets, parks and rivers. Recyclables are being washed downstream and polluting our Great Lakes and drinking water. Tiny bits of plastic are being eaten by small fish and other animals which cause chemicals to enter the food chain. Ontario needs to do a much better job of recycling to protect our Environment and Human Health. Ontario has the worst recycling return rate than any other province in Canada. Next time you are drinking from a bottle or can, please read the label. It will say, “Return for Refund where Applicable” Return for Refund programs are found throughout Canada and the United States. It’s time fo...

Used Cell Phone Recycling.

Posted on behalf of the Environment Committee. For information on joining the Environment Committee. Please contact Todd Sleeper or Ashley Osborne.

Environmental Awards Dinner

Congrats to Local 88 member Linda Smith. For information on joining the Environment Committee please contact Todd Sleeper or Ashley Osborne.  

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