Website & App Changes

  The Communications committee has been hard at work today on our website and app. We’ve made a lot of changes under the hood to speed up and increase the performance of both. Noticeable changes on the front end have been kept to a minimum to keep user experience consistent. The biggest change you may notice is that there is no longer a login required for the app or the pages of the site. There are no more pop-ups asking for you to log in. We are working on a members only news page for each unit just in case there is ever any sensitive Local 88 only news that needs to be shared. It will be password protected but it will have a universal password to make it easier. We don’t want anyone to miss anything important. Any questions or concerns please let us know here. Thanks and...

OTL Newsletters Online

  Did you know that you can view any Off The Line newsletter issue online? All the way back to 1991… The latest issues are up to date including the December 2018 edition. If you are a long time member and have any of the early, lost, editions that we could borrow to scan and add that would be much appreciated. Specifically pre-1995. If you have any lost editions please email the Communications committee here. Click on the pic below to take you to the newsletter page…take a trip back to the past and stay informed about the present.  

United Way Reveal.

      On December 14th, GM CAMI Assembly and UNIFOR Local 88 employees shared some #locallove in celebrating another successful United Way Campaign. While these ‘Every Day Heroes’ don’t always wear capes, they do make the world a better place when they all band together. Committed to supporting local community initiatives and providing opportunities for a brighter future, today they revealed a campaign total of $482 071 to be shared between @unitedwayoxford and @unitedwayemca Thanks to everyone for their support!!

Podcast Poll

  We need your help. Please CLICK HERE to take a VERY short poll on what topics you would like to hear on the On The Line Podcast. Thanks. Communications Committee.  

Unifor Local 88 “On the Line” PODCAST with Mike Van Boekel

With all the stuff going on around us in regards to bill 148 repeal, Oshawa closure and USMCA. The communications committee thought it would be a good idea to sit down with plant chair Mike Van Boekel in a podcast type interview to discuss these things, CAMI plus much more! We will be adding a transcribed version later today (at the bottom of this) for people that wish to read it. We are looking at continuing this, hosting all kinds of different local 88 members and elected reps. Please feel free to email any feedback to We hope you enjoy it. As of right now you can download it off our site and the google play store (or the google podcast app) We are waiting for iTunes to approve and will add the link when it is. In solidarity, Local 88 Communications. Podcast PDF Ver...

In-plant update on Oshawa Announcement. Update 2

  Update 2.0 the in plant committee has asked us to post the following edit to this update Normal shifts for tomorrow. Everyone should report as normal. UPDATE ON OSHAWA Mike Van Boekel  has asked we post this information on his behalf as he is currently in Oshawa in meetings. The bargaining team is headed to Oshawa to meet with Local 222 and the National, due to the announcement this morning of the impending closure of the GM Oshawa facility. As a result of this announcement the Oshawa complex staged a wildcat effective Nov 26 (day shift) going forward through afternoons and midnight. 3 shifts The wildcat HAS been settled and the company and union have agreed to further talks. Production at Oshawa will resume as normal Tues Nov 26 2018. As a result of the wildcat today. CAMI has rele...

United Way Myths

United Way Canvassing As this years campaign is underway we are again answering questions about where the money goes and how much of it gets to the actual recipient. First things first. Generally, the memes and Facebook posts are FALSE. A simple web search could eliminate a lot of these falsehoods.  If you are concerned about where your money is going, do the research. Spreading false unchecked information doesn’t help the goal. If you don’t want to donate that’s more than fine, but please respect those who do. So, in an attempt to provide FACTUAL information, we have provided the following information Your donations stay local!! MIND YOUR MEMES. RESEARCH – CLICK HERE This is an example of a few of Elgin County’s investments. More can be found on the United Way webs...

Take Our Kids to Work Day!

  CAMI Assembly PMN and Unifor Local 88 are hosting Take Our Kids to Work Day on Wednesday November 14, 2018 To participate in the event, all information is on the application forms available in the Human Resources office Note: school forms WILL NOT be accepted All applications must be completed and returned to the Human Resources office by Friday November 9 @ 8:00am. Please ensure the completed form includes both the parent’s and teacher’s signature. Incomplete or late applications cannot be processed. Contact Sheri Adams at 3295 with any questions DOWNLOAD the Application below (3 pages) Take Our Kids to Work Day_2018 Application Form + Consent Combined

Shift Calendar Fixed

We have been having some difficulties with our Calendar download for a month or so now. I’m happy to report it’s fixed! If you go to the calendar page on the website and click the Add Our Calendar To Your Own link you can add our shift calendar to your smartphone so you will always know what shift we are on as well as holidays etc. Or click the picture below to take you there.  

The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, May 17

From National. Unifor calls to End the Ban The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, May 17, is an annual reminder that although progress that has been made, there is further to go. Unifor joins the international call for action to address the inequality that too many, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in our workplaces and communities face. Unifor encourages all people to recognize and embrace this day, to support the ongoing struggles for inclusion, acceptance and respect of all LGBTQ people, including supporting the call to end the discriminatory blood donation policy here in Canada and Quebec. LGBTQ all across the country and around the world are faced with legal, social, and institutional barriers. It is these barriers that isolate and divide...

Amber Alert for Ontario – Update

Amber Alert for Ontario Updated 1:06 pm – child found safe