January 24th Retirement Celebration All Welcome

Unifor Local 88 Skilled Trades retirement celebration at the Union hall Thursday January 24th. Everyone is welcome!

Retired Worker’s Authorization Form

  October 10, 2018 Brian Ginty and the retiree committee held their monthly retiree’s meeting at the Local 88 hall. It is always enjoyable to speak and see the retirees at this meeting. One issue that remains outstanding is the required amount of retirees to sign and return the ” Retired Worker’s  Authorization For Check-Off Dues”. I have attached the form for all retirees to sign and return to our Hall at: 364 Victoria Street P.O. Box 158 Ingersoll, Ontario N5C 3K5 In order to become an official Retiree Committee we need to have over a 100 members to be paying dues and these dues are only for the use of the retiree committee events and their members. Dues Check off Form (1)

Bus trip to Goderich

Retirees. When you respond to the notice I posted yesterday, please make the following correction. As President of our local union, Joe Graves has a new email address…. Please use this email address when you confirm that you will attend the rally on Thursday. In solidarity. Brian

Goderich mine strike

Retirees. There is a bus going out of Unifor Local 636 on Thursday, June 28 at 9:45 a.m. and then bus will return to Unifor Local 636 around 5-5:30 p.m. We need to go to Goderich and show support to our members there on strike. This is not an ideal time for the miners, as there is no need for road salt until the end of the year. So while scab miners from the U.S. dig out the salt, we are going to have a rally and BBQ with the strikers. As this is a weekday rally, we need as many retirees as possible to help bolster the strikers. Please contact Joe Graves       in order to secure your seat on the bus. In solidarity Brian


This is just to remind you that our ONLY day for voting, is this Friday, April 27, between 6 am and 4 pm. Please exercise your right, and help elect the next Local 88 Executive Board. You cast your vote at the Union Hall. In solidarity Brian

Retiree meeting

Hi retirees on this beautiful snowy April day. I just want to remind everyone that Brother Joe Graves will be at the April 11, 2018 meeting. As usual, it will start right on time, at 10 (ish). This is the time to put your name in to run for any of the positions in the retiree chapter. All of the Executive jobs are open for nomination(s). Be sure that you understand the job requirements CHAIR, VICE CHAIR, RECORDING SECRETARY, FINANCIAL SECRETARY, SERGEANT-AT-ARMS, and 2 TRUSTEES You also need to sign up for the June BBQ. A deposit will be required at this time. Don’t forget that YOUR voice can be heard at Local 88, because you are able to vote in the plant elections. The advance poll is the ONLY time retirees may cast their vote for the plant positions. In solidarity


The Retiree Chapter elections will happen this year. The schedule for the election of Unifor Local 88 Retiree Chapter Officers shall be every three (3) years. Nominations shall be in March, elections in April (runoff in May if needed), to take office in June. The Retiree Executive Board members are: Brian Ginty……….Chair Doug Howey…….Vice-Chair Janet Booker…..Recording Secretary …..Financial Secretary Gary Hansen……Sergeant-at-Arms Frank Esseltine…Trustee Bob Clifford…….Trustee Responsibilities of the Local Union Retired Workers Chapter Officers   a) The officers of the Retired Workers Chapter will include: Chairperson,  Vice-Chairperson, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary,  Sergeant-At-Arms, and two (2) Trustees.           b) ...

2018 Retiree meetings and United Way

Here we go again. Welcome to a new year. The meeting dates for 2018 are as follows… January 10, February 14, March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13 (BBQ), August 8, September 12, October 10, and November 14 (Christmas lunch). All meetings are scheduled to start at 10:00 am, so I ask that you try to be on time. At the meeting on January 10, we shall have the Local 88 members campaigning  for the United Way here. Please bring an open mind and a blank cheque with you. (SMILE) On the topic of money, retiree dues of $24.00 are due for 2018. Please continue to support our small group. Keep in mind that this is an election year for both the Local 88 Retiree Chapter as well as elections in the plant. As members in good standing, we have the right to vote for three Local positions. They are…...