Retired Members Page

  We have had a few requests to see if we could get a retired members page up onto the website as a way to keep track of all of our retirees now that their numbers are growing quickly. The answer is yes of course we can! We have January through May 2019 up so far and will keep adding as soon as we can get updated retired members lists. You can find the page under the members tab in the top menu or by clicking the pic below.

New Retirees

We held our 3rd meeting of the year on March 13, 2019. It was a great crowd with 50 in attendance. Jeff Banks, Rob Gallace, and Kim DeGraaf were speakers. Congratulations go out to Brian Conklin, Phil Searay, Dan Wilson, Glen Broome, Mark Reeystone, Don Tribe, Chris Pasek, John Berzins, Ken Kingsbury, Terry Tomlinson, Dave Burke, and Herb Ryder, on their retirement. They received their retirement watches with lots of applause. With prostate cancer something that many men do not like to talk about, we are asking Dash for Dads to come to our May 8  meeting as guest speaker(s). The next meeting will take place at the hall on Wednesday, April 10, at 10 am. to be followed by meetings on May 8, and June 12. Those wishing to partake in the annual June BBQ must submit their deposit cheque of to Ch...


This month our meeting is on Wednesday, March 13. I shall be bringing Irish stew for the potluck lunch. Sure now, and It may be a day early, but I like to think of it as being ready and (very) willing to start the St Patrick’s Day celebrations early. We shall start at 10 am, and there will be new retiree watches to hand out. So come and join in on the congratulations. SLAINTE!!

Retiree meetings

On February 13, we held our second meeting of 2019. Even though the weather wasn’t being kind, 15 of us managed to get together. Congratulations are in order as 7 retiree watches were handed out to new retirees. Meeting dates for the next short while are March 13 April 10 May 8 and June 12 (Annual BBQ) All meetings start at 10:00 am SHARP(ish) !! Your Executive Board members look forward to seeing many of you at these (casual) events with your C.E.O. (spouse), who is always welcome.

Retirees and Driving

As retired workers, we spend more time in our vehicles. With the new driving laws now in effect, here are a few tips, courtesy of Finch Chevrolet in London.. Distracted Driving Know what counts as distracted driving – and the penalties you could face for it – before you get behind the wheel. Your friends here at Finch Chevrolet wanted to take a minute to let you know about Ontario’s new Distracted Driving laws and the substantial penalties that come along with them. Drivers convicted of Distracted Driving under the new laws will be punished with a license suspension, a hefty fine and demerit points. The severity of the punishment increases with the number of subsequent offences committed: 1st Offence: 3 days suspension and a $1,000 fine. 2nd Offence: 7 days suspension and...

Fallsview Casino Saturday April 13, 2019

  Local 88 is hosting a bus trip to Niagara Falls View Casino on Saturday April 13, 2019. Depart Ingersoll at 8:30 am.

January 24th Retirement Celebration All Welcome

Unifor Local 88 Skilled Trades retirement celebration at the Union hall Thursday January 24th. Everyone is welcome!

Retired Worker’s Authorization Form

  October 10, 2018 Brian Ginty and the retiree committee held their monthly retiree’s meeting at the Local 88 hall. It is always enjoyable to speak and see the retirees at this meeting. One issue that remains outstanding is the required amount of retirees to sign and return the ” Retired Worker’s  Authorization For Check-Off Dues”. I have attached the form for all retirees to sign and return to our Hall at: 364 Victoria Street P.O. Box 158 Ingersoll, Ontario N5C 3K5 In order to become an official Retiree Committee we need to have over a 100 members to be paying dues and these dues are only for the use of the retiree committee events and their members. Dues Check off Form (1)