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Local 88 Sister Honoured at ApprSHEation Awards

Local 88 Sister Linda Smith was honoured today at the 9th annual International Women’s Day event. “Linda Smith is a recipient based on her many years in organizing the Take Back the Night March, and volunteering in providing food for folks that don’t have food, and volunteering on various women’s boards.” Congratulations Linda!! You are an awesome activist, Co-Chair, mentor, and friend. See the full Heart.fm story here.


Unifor Local 88-Doug Coleman Trucking Ingersoll UNIT # 5 CLOSURE INFORMATION MEETING NOTICE All Unifor Local 88 Doug Coleman Trucking Ingersoll Unit Members Are Welcome to Attend DATE:           SUNDAY, March 18, 2018 TIME:           9:00 A.M. PLACE:         Unifor Local 88/2163 Union Hall, 364 Victoria Street, Ingersoll, Ontario ORDER OF BUSINESS FOR UNIT MEETING Opening Remarks Order of Business Review of Closure Timelines Termination Notice and Pay Severance Pay EI Claims Service Ontario/Service Canada Questions/Comments Adjournment

Let’s Paint GM Purple

 International Women’s Day Gate Collection Proceeds to Domestic Abuse Services Oxford   Gate Collection times A shift 6am to 7am B shift 2pm to 3pm C shift 10pm to 11pm

Statement on U.S. tariffs to aluminum and steel and threats to good jobs and Canada’s economy

Message from Jerry Dias, Unifor National I write today in support of the thousands of Unifor members working in the steel and aluminum sectors, including 1,000 at Rio Tinto in British Columbia and 3,000 aluminum workers in Quebec, our 40,000 auto sector members and all the workers across Canada who depend on these good union jobs and industries for their livelihood. The American government has announced that it will impose steep tariffs on the import of steel and aluminum into the U.S. but has yet to indicate if Canada will receive an exemption or be hit by these punishing duties. Make no mistake, if America imposes duties on steel and aluminum and Canada doesn’t walk away from NAFTA immediately then we will no longer be negotiating, we’ll be capitulating to Trump. The proposed tariffs on ...

Plastic Bottle Deposit Petition.

Over a billion bottles and cans don’t get recycled in Ontario each year! Sign this petition to help change that.These recyclables either end up in our landfills or littered in our streets, parks and rivers. Recyclables are being washed downstream and polluting our Great Lakes and drinking water. Tiny bits of plastic are being eaten by small fish and other animals which cause chemicals to enter the food chain. Ontario needs to do a much better job of recycling to protect our Environment and Human Health. Ontario has the worst recycling return rate than any other province in Canada. Next time you are drinking from a bottle or can, please read the label. It will say, “Return for Refund where Applicable” Return for Refund programs are found throughout Canada and the United States. It’s time fo...

Celebrating International Women’s Day in 2018

Message from Unifor National March 8, 2018   Never underestimate the power of women.  Each and every day, the women of Unifor are building and resisting in the streets, at the ballot box, and at the bargaining table. Activism makes a difference. When we work collectively, across our diversities, we are a force that makes change. International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on progress made and strategize for our future. This past year we have witnessed the enduring strength of women in the streets advocating for political change during mass demonstrations like the Women’s March, #MeToo rallies, No Islamophobia vigils and many more. Actions that put gender justice as a core demand are an important step towards awareness and progress for women. What has also been a driv...

Payroll deposit problems

We have had many members contact the office about their pay not being deposited into their account this week. Payroll has informed us that they have received no rejected deposit notices; there are no abnormalities at their end. So far; the trend seems to be with members with First Ontario Credit Union account.

Pink Shirt Day-February 28, 2018

Message from Jerry Dias, Unifor National Let’s End Bullying   Join with us tomorrow to unite against homophobia and bullying in your workplace and community. Take action on Wednesday, February 28. Wear a pink shirt on February 28.  By wearing your pink shirt, and sharing that image online, you can help to show that the union is speaking out against homophobic bullying and harassment. By participating in Pink Shirt Day this year, we ask that you make the promise to stand for kindness every single day. Share your pictures and messages of support for LGBTQ workers and students with us at communications@unifor.org or online, on Facebook or Twitter, and we will share them with the wider Unifor family. Don’t have a pink shirt? Use this shareable or take a photo with this poster. What ...

DCT Ingersoll Terminal Closure

  Doug Coleman Trucking (DCT) will be permanently closing the Ingersoll Terminal, resulting in 57 Unifor 88 members being laid off. DCT has informed Unifor 88 that the layoffs will be in 2 stages. The first stage, DCT plans to begin eliminating positions on March 26, 2018. Members affected will be issued notices starting February 26, 2018. The second stage, has not been determined and will depend on GM-CAMI requirements. Our plan is to work through all the outstanding issues around monies owed, seniority issues, termination pay, severance pay, grievances, etc. DCT is covered by federal legislation. I have provided a link of the Canada Labour Code Information on Labour Standards around Termination https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/labour-standards/reports/...

Upcoming Local 88 Recreation events

Please see the attached posters for some upcoming Local 88 Recreation Committee events. These events are open to the public so please spread the word. All important and contact info are available on the posters. Hope to see you there!  

Shutdown Confirmation/Vacation Scheduling – Begins the week of March 12

Attached is the memo from the company confirming Summer Shutdown as the first two weeks of July (2nd and 9th) Vacation Scheduling is set to begin March 12, 2018 Vacation Scheduling proxy forms and Production Shift Calendar are also included Copy of 2018 – 2019 Shift Calendar PROD Round 1 FINAL Vac Proxy PRODUCTION PROD Round 2 Proxy Vac PRODUCTION MTNCE Round 1 FINAL Vac Proxy MAINTENANCE MTNCE Round 2 Proxy Vac MAINTENANCE ONLY 2018 confirmed shutdown dates

Members area improvements

Hello Local 88 members. I’ve spent the day overhauling the members area of the website and making it simpler and more straight forward to use. There is only one choice in the main menu now under Members called…Members area. Select that and you will be taken to a new launch page with some explanation and 3 choices. Navigation will now be by one of the 3 icons which live on each members area page. They will take you back and forth between the pages. If you are a Local 88 member and would like to sign up please hit the register link in the main menu and we will get to you ASAP. Please be patient we are ironing out some problems with our email server and are having to do some of the sign up manually. If you have signed up and haven’t received an email letting you know you are...

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