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General / Unifor Local 88 / Womens Committee

Celebrating International Women’s Day in 2018

Celebrating International Women’s Day in 2018

Message from Unifor National

March 8, 2018


Never underestimate the power of women.  Each and every day, the women of Unifor are building and resisting in the streets, at the ballot box, and at the bargaining table. Activism makes a difference. When we work collectively, across our diversities, we are a force that makes change.

International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on progress made and strategize for our future.

This past year we have witnessed the enduring strength of women in the streets advocating for political change during mass demonstrations like the Women’s March, #MeToo rallies, No Islamophobia vigils and many more. Actions that put gender justice as a core demand are an important step towards awareness and progress for women. What has also been a driving force is that women from different communities and different generations shared their anger and their hope. New alliances were made.

Women’s activism at the ballot box has also resulted in an increase to the minimum wage in many provinces, movement on child care, and better protections against sexual harassment. These changes aren’t universal across the country and there is more to do as we reclaim victories. Together our union and the women of Unifor will continue to press until there is equity and justice for all women.

And at the bargaining table we continue to address issues that have a particular impact on women, such as: improved anti-harassment language, joint-investigation processes, top up for maternity and parental leave, paid domestic violence leave and the Women’s Advocate program.

On this International Women’s Day, celebrate the power of Unifor women and renew your commitment to make a difference. Please post the Unifor poster in your workplace or local, and share our social media graphics to celebrate the power of women.

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