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Important Notice:

Please be aware that the GM Ingersoll Assembly Plant is in the process of changing their phone system.
If you are trying to reach a Unifor representative from outside of the Cami plant, you need to
dial (226) 82 + the 5 digit extension. Each representative has their own phone number. There is no longer a main union office number in the plant.
For example: to reach the Plant Chair directly from outside the plant you would need to dial (226) 825 – 8531
The final 5 digits are the extension (58531) that can be used to reach the same representative from within the plant.
If you are calling from within the plant simply dial the 5 digit extension number.

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Photo of Unifor 88 Office
Unifor 88 Office General and Media Inquiries
Union Office Phone: 519 425 0952