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Are you fluent in ASL?

Posted in General, Unifor Local 88, and Unit 1

From the In-Plant Committees,

GM Cami Assembly and Unifor Local 88 acknowledge that there is a gap between the Hearing and Deaf members within our plant. We are looking for individuals (hourly and/or salary) who are fluent in American Sign Language to be used on an “as needed basis” for meetings, cross training and NON- disciplinary issues. We are looking for people on all shifts to support this initiative. You do not have to be a licensed interpreter to apply for this position. If you feel you are qualified for the position, please submit this form directly to Mike VanBoekel or Alexandra McCoy; either in person or through your committeeperson. Successful applicants will be required to go through an interview with the Union, a deaf member and Employee Relations.



Are you fluent in ASL? Form Download