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In-plant update on Oshawa Announcement. Update 2

Posted in Communication, Unifor Local 88, and Unit 1

Last updated on November 27, 2018


Update 2.0 the in plant committee has asked us to post the following edit to this update

Normal shifts for tomorrow. Everyone should report as normal.


Mike Van Boekel  has asked we post this information on his behalf as he is currently in Oshawa in meetings.

The bargaining team is headed to Oshawa to meet with Local 222 and the National, due to the announcement this morning of the impending closure of the GM Oshawa facility. As a result of this announcement the Oshawa complex staged a wildcat effective Nov 26 (day shift) going forward through afternoons and midnight. 3 shifts

The wildcat HAS been settled and the company and union have agreed to further talks.

Production at Oshawa will resume as normal Tues Nov 26 2018.

As a result of the wildcat today. CAMI has released a memo asking members to call in to check shift status.

We are FIRMLY against this as we consider it to be a lockout.

Members that work in GM plants are not entitled to Short work week benefits if impacted by another GM plant. As Oshawa learned last year when we went on strike. It is of our opinion workers should show up to work and let them send you home or give you the option to stay and 5s.

For those that don’t want to make the drive in for nothing, you are welcome to call the number CAMI provided.

If you are told to stay home, we will grieve it.

if you are sent home without an option we will grieve it.

This should ONLY affect DAY Shift.

Jerry Dias and the in-plant has let GM know in no uncertain terms this will not be permitted, our members will not be “locked out.”

We regret we cannot answer the volume of calls and emails we are receiving. We hope this info helps. We will update as more info is available.

Unifor Local 88 offers solidarity and support to the workers at Unifor 222 Oshawa.

In solidarity,

In-plant Committee