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In regards to the interview about potential layoffs yesterday in the media.

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In regards to the interview yesterday in the media.

The media stated confirmed weeks for additional layoffs.
These weeks are not confirmed.
Those potential weeks announced in Aug have not changed (end of Oct, Nov and Dec)
That was the information given to the media.
I met with Gary Duff yesterday and those weeks are still unconfirmed.
The UAW strike is causing all this delay, as the company can’t predict what’s going to happen there.
If & when the weeks are confirmed, we will let you know.
The company has informed us that we have enough parts to run for the next few weeks however with the strike everything is on a week to week basis right now.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mike or Joe.
Going forward please be cautious about media reports as they are usually paraphrased or condensed without context.
We will keep you posted.