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Introducing our NEW Unifor Local 88 APP!!

Introducing our NEW Unifor Local 88 APP!!

Introducing the NEW Unifor Local 88 App.

We have been real busy working on a new app for the members. Our previous one was glitchy and when we moved sites to the new server they basically stopped supporting us

You will find new features in the new app including access to the members area, Quick link to the Calendar and a ALERTS section to filter all notifications.

in regards to notifications, Those are triggered whenever someone makes a post on the website. So on some days you may not get any., others you may recieve multiple. Also NEW is members area notifications. Including friend request and Messages.

We will soon be adding the new contract to the members area as well. Keep your alerts on and watch for the notification to appear in your “alert” inbox for the link.
As Allan and myself learn more APP code we will add more features to it. We are confident this is a BETTER, FASTER more STABLE app and we encourage you to download it.

I have made a short video on how to use the App. Hope it helps.

Any questions feel free to contact Keith Ackworth or Allan Fisher



(To scan a QR code. simply open your phones camera app and focus the camera on the code.
Camera app should do the rest)

Or if you’d like to go directly to the app stores:

Tap here for iOS or here for Android.

Thanks for your support!

In Solidarity,

Communications Committee.


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