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Letter to Unifor National Executive Board

Posted in Unifor Local 88

On April 21st, Local 88 President Brent Tree sent the following letter to the Unifor National Executive Board expressing his concerns regarding holding a special convention to elect an interim national president to replace Jerry Dias.  This position would only serve until August when Unifor holds its regular constitution convention.

As Financial Secretary of Local 88 I am also deeply concerned.  From a financial perspective I estimate sending our 12 delegates (from the 2019 convention year) to what will likely be at minimum a 2 day convention, paying for hotels, mileage (we don’t have a location yet, but I’m using Toronto as an example), per diem, parking and wages, will cost Local 88 approximately $15,000.  For two days.  That is irresponsible.  With regular constitution convention and elections being held in Toronto in August a special convention is unnecessary and wasteful.