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Did you know that local 88 has a lending library?
There are approximately 250 books available for borrowing from the offsite union office.
Check out the list.
Simply come in, sign the book out in the ledger, and mark it returned once you bring it back.

Unifor Local 88 Lending Library list:

2 Minutes A Day For A Greener Planet

911 Chomsky

A Bitter Pill – How The Medical System Is Failing The Elderly

A Century Of Women And Work

A Family Album Local 27 50 Anniversary

A Job To Die For

A Mighty Heart

A Pictorial History Of American Labor

A Trouble Makers Handbook

A Union Strategy Guide Ain’t I

A Woman Black Women And Feminism

Alcoholics Anonymous – 3rd Edition

Alone In A Crowd (Women In The Trades)

Alternative To Lean Production

An Action A Day

An Action A Day – Keeps Global Capitalism Away

An Organizing Model Of Unionism

Arbitration At A Glance

As We Come Marching

Back Off (How To Confront Harassment)

Back Yard Composting


Between The Lines

Bienfait; The Saskatchewan Miners’ Struggle Of ’31


Blue Collar Women

Blue Future – Protecting Water For People And The Planet Forever

Bob White

Bourinot’s Rules Of Order

Bromley- Tireless Champion For Just Causes

Brutal Bosses And Their Prey

Canada And Free Trade With Mexico – Crossing The Line

Canada’s Unions

Canadian Fiction Magazine

Canadian Woman Studies – Canadian Feminism In Action

Canadian Woman Studies – Ending Woman Abuse

Canadian Woman Studies – National Identity And Gender Politics

Canadians At Work

Cancer–101 Solutions

Caw Local 1285 – 50th Anniversary

Caw Local 195 Diamond Anniversary Celebration Of Resistance

Charting A New Course Towards A Fishery

Choosing Sides: Unions And The Team Concept

Class Warfare (Assault On Canada’s Schools)

Clc Constitution

Clc Action Plan

Clean And Green

Clearing In The West

Common Cents

Confronting Consumption

Coping With The Miracle

Core Certification Training

Corporate Canada (A Historical Outline)

Dancing Backwards

Dead But Not Forgotten

Debating Canada’s Future

Democracy’s Oxygen

Downsize This

Driving Force – The Mclaughlin Family And The Age Of The Car

Dude, Where’S My Country

E Commerce Vs E Commons

Economics For Canadian Trade Unionists

Economics For Canadian Trade Unionists 2nd Edition

Economics For Everyone

Economics For The Canadian Trade Unionist Ed Finn – A Journalist’s Life On The Left

Empires Law

End Of Small Book Section

Ergonomics ( A Manual For Workers By Caw)

Fear At Work

Feeding The Future

Feminism For Beginners

Finding Courage

Fire, Fire

Flat Broke In The Free Market

Free Trade And The New Right Agenda

Freedom In Our Life Time-Charting A New Course

Frozen Tears – The Horror Story Of Domestic Violence In An Arab-Canadian Home

Fueling The Future

Fundamentals Of Economics


Gats – How The Wto’s New “Services” Negotiation’s Threaten Democracy

General Motors – 90 Year’s Of Windsor History

Get A Life

Global Showdown

Guides For Local Union Elections

Having Our Say -The Delany Sisters

Helpful Hints And Advice To Ford Employees

History Of The United States

Hopes And Aspiration-Walter Reuther 1907-1970

How To Do Leaflets And Newsletters

Human Rights At Work

Just Another Car Factory

Justice For All – The Struggle For Worker Rights In Egypt

Labour And Political Action

Labour For Palestine

Labour For Palistine – Tear Down The Wall In Palistine

Labour Of Love

Labours Corporate Campaigns

Laying It On The Line; Buzz Hargrove

Lean Work

Let Us Rise – History Of The Manitoba Labour Movement

Lets Get Moving! Organzing For The 90’s

Life With Billy


Mail And Female (Women In The Postal Union)

Making History – A Visual Record Of The Caw’s First 25 Years

Making Our Mark

Media Circus – The Trouble With America’s Newspapers

Men Who Hate Women And The Women Who Love

Mine Mill Fights Back, Caw Local 598 Fights Back

Mining Town Crisis; Globalizaion, Labour And Resistance In Sudbury

Mission Rejected

More Parashable Than Lettuce Or Tomatoes

Most Work Measurements

National Action Committee On The Status Of Women Voter Guide

Negotiating The Future

No Logo

No Sweat (Free Tr. Rights Of Garment Workers)

Not Automatic

Not Paved With Gold

Oakville Assembly – The 60th Anniversary Memory Book

Our Schools, Our Selves

Our Schools, Our Selves – On The Front Lines

Our Schools, Our Selves – Standardization Nation In Whose Interest?

Outgrowing The Pain

Overhaul – Insider’s Account Of The Obama Administration’s Rescue Of The Auto Industry

Paper Boom

Paper Work

Pensions Under Attack

Planing For Seven Generations

Playful Activities For Powerful Presentations

Playful Activities For Powerful Presentations

Politically Speaking

Politics & Other Games & Notes

Profit Is Not The Cure

Progress Without People

Pure White

R.B. Russel &The Labour Movement

Rabble.Ca – News For The Rest Of Us

Race Against Time

Race Against Time (4)

Railroading Economics

Raving Fans Reckless Abandon: Canada, The Gats And The Future Of Health Care

Reflections Of Past & Present Local 636

Reflections Of Past And Present

Restacking The Deck

Revolution From Within

Reweaving Canada’s Social Programs


Ruether-A Daughter Strikes

Seek The Truth

Sisters & Solidarity (Women & Unions In Canada)

Sisters In The Brotherhoods – Working Women Organizing For Equality In Nyc

Sit Down – The Gm Strike Of 1936-37

Slim To None

Slow Down And Get More Done

Social Democracy Without Illusions

Social Security – A Workers Education Guide

Socialism Past & Future

Speaking The Truth To Power

Srike – 99 Days On The Line

Stacking The Deck

Staley(The Fight For A New Amer. Labor Move.)

Staying Safe In A Wired World

Stopping Sexual Harrassment

Strike – 99 Days On The Line

Striking Flint

Take It Personally

Ten Thousand Roses

Ten Thousand Roses

The Battle Of 66 Street

The Brothers Ruether And The Story Of The Uaw

The Canadian Auto Workers

The Canadian Auto Workers

The Canadian Auto Workers: The Birth And Transformation Of A Union (3)

The Canadian Political Process

The Color Of Resistance

The Colour Of Democracy

The Coming Of Post Industrial Society

The Complete Handbook – Sexual Harrassment

The Effect Of Nafta On The Caribbean Common.

The Emotionally Abused Woman

The Flivver King A Story Of Ford America

The Gift Of Fear

The Global Activists Manual

The Global Activist’s Manual – Local Ways To Change

The World The Government And Politics Of Ontario

The Law Of Dismissal In Canada

The Living Wage – Building A Fair Economy

The Machine That Changed The World -Lean Prod The Mess They Made The Other America

The Right Is Wrong And The Left Is Right

The Sexual Healing Journey

The Shock Doctrine

The Silent Spring

The Triangle Fire

The Trouble With Billionaires

The Tyranny Of Work

The Uaw In Pictures

The War On Women

The Winnipeg Strike 1919

The Winnipeg Strike 1919—Pamplet

This Won’t Hurt A Bit

Too Close For Comfort

Toward Sustainable Communities

Trade Unions

Trade Unions & Socialist Politics

Transforming Power

Transforming Power – From The Personal To The Political

Trouble Makers Handbook 2

Twenty First Century Capitalism

Uaw’s Frontier

Under The Lens Of The People

Understanding Menopause

Union Sisters

Unions & Free Trade

Up Against The Brass

Walmart In China

Water Wars

When Aches Become Injuries (Rsi)

Where Have All The Leaders Gone

White Wash Who Do We Try To Rescue Today?

Why Unions Matter

Women And The Labour Market Poverty

Women- Challenging Unions

Women Race And Class

Work Is Dangerous To Your Health

Work Place Roulette

Worker Safety Under Siege

Working Detroit

Working For Inglis

Working For The Japanese

Working People

Working Smart

Working Usa – Leaning Into The Wind: Farm Women Write About Work


Workplace Harrassment And Violence

Workplace Roulette – Gambling With Cancer

Writing The Revelotion You Can’t Bring Back Yesterday – History Of Caw Local 303