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Members area improvements

Members area improvements

Hello Local 88 members.

I’ve spent the day overhauling the members area of the website and making it simpler and more straight forward to use.

There is only one choice in the main menu now under Members called…Members area.

Select that and you will be taken to a new launch page with some explanation and 3 choices.

Navigation will now be by one of the 3 icons which live on each members area page. They will take you back and forth between the pages.

If you are a Local 88 member and would like to sign up please hit the register link in the main menu and we will get to you ASAP.

Please be patient we are ironing out some problems with our email server and are having to do some of the sign up manually. If you have signed up and haven’t received an email letting you know you are approved send me a message and we will get you sorted out.


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