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Missing S.U.B. Payments

Posted in COVID-19, General, Unifor Local 88, and Unit 1

This update is for members who were laid off September 29- October 5, 2019 and opened their E.I. application and properly reported their one week of layoff. Then reactivated their claim for the March 22, 2020 layoff and have been paid Employment Insurance but have not received any SUB from General Motors. The reason for no SUB was the report that Service Canada provided to GM payroll had missing information. This issue has now been corrected and GM payroll now has the proper list of names to pay out SUB. The SUB payments will go into your account on the next payroll run of April 23, 2020. Going forward SUB will now be deposited into your account bi-weekly after properly reporting your weeks of layoff to Service Canada. The Benefits Committee would like to thank payroll for all of their assistance in getting our members their SUB paid.