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New Retirees

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Last updated on March 15, 2019

We held our 3rd meeting of the year on March 13, 2019.
It was a great crowd with 50 in attendance.
Jeff Banks, Rob Gallace, and Kim DeGraaf were speakers.
Congratulations go out to Brian Conklin, Phil Searay, Dan Wilson, Glen Broome, Mark Reeystone, Don Tribe, Chris Pasek, John Berzins, Ken Kingsbury, Terry Tomlinson, Dave Burke, and Herb Ryder, on their retirement. They received their retirement watches with lots of applause.
With prostate cancer something that many men do not like to talk about, we are asking Dash for Dads to come to our May 8  meeting as guest speaker(s).
The next meeting will take place at the hall on Wednesday, April 10, at 10 am. to be followed by meetings on May 8, and June 12.
Those wishing to partake in the annual June BBQ must submit their deposit cheque of to Chuck Smith no later than at the May 8 meeting, so that we may order the correct number of steaks.
Any retiree that has never been to the Education Centre in Port Elgin, will be given seniority over other retirees to attend the Retired Workers Council and Conference to be held from Sunday, September 1, to Friday, September 7. All expenses are covered for the successful delegate, but any spouse will have to pay $250, which would be deducted from the travel expense. These names MUST be handed in by  May 1st.

In solidarity