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New Website Live!!

New Website Live!!

Hello everyone,

Our new website is now live.

We have listened to your suggestions and slimmed things down and made things easier to find.
The most commonly looked for items are up front.
If you are a Local 88 member join our members area to connect with your work family, Buy/ Sell, post events etc.


We are working on our app. There may be a few days of service interruption while we switch it over.
Also depending on your service provider it will take them time for our site to filter through their cached  servers but we are here and ready to go!

I’d personally like to thank the entire Communications team for All of their hard work brainstorming, web designing, graphics designing, and building.
It’s been a busy two months.

Thanks go out to:
Nick D’Avirro
Keith Ackworth
Doris Weir
Linda Leyten
Linda Smith

Enjoy everyone!!

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