Mike is in 2nd place and could use your help.

  To all Local 88 Members Mike Van Boekel’s family entered a contest and have been informed they are currently in 2nd place out of 4. The top 2 video’s getting the most votes will each win $50 000. Please take the time to vote EVERYDAY with any devices you have and pleaes vote EVERYDAY until DEC 10!!! Help the Van Boekel’s win $50 000 for their community, please take the time and vote. Remember their video is called Hickson and shows a red fire truck at the opening scene to click on.    

Winter Tubing December 27th 4-7pm

  Let’s go tubing during winter shutdown! December 27, 2018 from 4pm-7pm. Deadline to register is December 26th. For complete details please see poster.

Toy Drive Donation Prize Winners

Toy drive donation prize winners 1) Melissa’ Vanstone $50 gift cert 2) Jamie Wright $50 gift cert 3) Ron Zavitz popcorn maker For more info please contact Julie Fenn

A Sweet Donation!

    Unifor 88 shares the spirit of giving. November 24, 2018. Ingersoll – The euphoric and excited atmosphere on the weekend at the annual Bid for Kids event, was not only from the yummy cupcakes up for auction. With a goal of $40,000 in mind for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ingersoll/Tillsonburg, everyone in attendance was blown away when Unifor Local 88 was involved in a bidding war. They bid 25,000 dollars on a dozen of the sweet treats during a charity auction. “It was quite a spectacle” says Steve Pye, Local 88 Community representative. With a shocked crowd the bidding just kept on climbing. The cupcakes are a big hit and baked locally by Unifor 88 Member, Denise Vyse, who said she “was honoured” that it was her treats that were used for the surprise donation. “It w...

Shift Schedule Update 2.0

  The in plant committee has asked us to post the following. Normal shifts for tomorrow. Everyone should report as expected. Thanks.

In-plant update on Oshawa Announcement. Update 2

  Update 2.0 the in plant committee has asked us to post the following edit to this update Normal shifts for tomorrow. Everyone should report as normal. UPDATE ON OSHAWA Mike Van Boekel  has asked we post this information on his behalf as he is currently in Oshawa in meetings. The bargaining team is headed to Oshawa to meet with Local 222 and the National, due to the announcement this morning of the impending closure of the GM Oshawa facility. As a result of this announcement the Oshawa complex staged a wildcat effective Nov 26 (day shift) going forward through afternoons and midnight. 3 shifts The wildcat HAS been settled and the company and union have agreed to further talks. Production at Oshawa will resume as normal Tues Nov 26 2018. As a result of the wildcat today. CAMI has rele...

Unifor 88 Teddy Bear Christmas Today

  Reminder: Today at 1pm is the 15th annual Unifor Local 88 Teddy Bear Christmas!  

Inplant Update Nov 2018

November Update 2018

POEM National Golf Tournament

  POEM National golf tournament. Click here for complete details and entry form.   

Mission Services Donations In Our Communities

  Local 88 donates 100 meals to the Men’s Mission four times a year. This is where some of our money goes. It helps.

Trans Day of Remembrance November 20

  Statement from Unifor National. On November 20, workplaces and communities across Canada and around the world will take the time to observe Transgender Day of Remembrance and commemorate those individuals who have lost their lives or faced violence and discrimination due to transphobia. This serves as a time for our union to recommit to the work required to eliminate and reduce transphobia while building more respectful communities in which we live. Unifor’s National President Jerry Dias reaffirmed this commitment when one of his first official acts was to write a letter to Russian President Putin urging him to repeal recent laws and policies that severely infringe upon the individual and collective rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans citizens. Dias announced his intention to...

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