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PEL Application

Spring 2022 Paid Education Leave (PEL) and Health & Safety Fund (HSF)
Programs One Week Application Form

  1. This application form is to be used for the one-week PEL and HSF programs only. 
  2. You may add additional sheets of paper to expand your answers.
  3. Applicants are scored based on this application only. Please include in detail any and all information that may assist the Selection Committee in fairly evaluating your application. Both union and community activities are considered. 
  4. Applicants applying for a multiple week program (i.e., Aboriginal Workers of Colour, Workers Referral programs, etc.) will be considered over multiple sessions.
  5. Priority will be given to members who are currently active within our local union. 
  6. The selection committee will use the following guidelines as the criteria:
    1. Current involvement within the local union.
    2. Applicant scoring based upon answers provided within application 
    3. Applicants have not attended program they are seeking in the past. 
  7. The selection committee consists of Local 88 President (or designate), GM Unit Plant Chair (or designate), and a member from the executive and the Inplant committee 
  8. Applicants will be notified by mail with the results of the selection process. 
  9. 9. All members must submit a completed One Week Application Form and Student Application Form to be considered.
  10. Do not submit more than one application. Only select one course and date. Multiple applications will be returned. 
  11. Application deadline is February 11, 2022 3:00 pm. Submit your application to the Unit Plant Office or the Union Hall Office. 
PEL & HSF Application
Please Answer In Full Sentences With As Much Detail As Possible
1) Do you regularly attend General Membership Meetings?
Are you or have been a member of a standing committee?
3) Have you ever worked on or organized any programs, events or projects for our Local?
4) Have you ever participated in any protests, rallies or community actions such as Medicare, the minimum wage campaigns, minimum care campaigns for long term homes, better child care campaign, or picket line support?
5) Are you actively involved in your community outside of work? Do you volunteer, coach a team, support charities etc?
7) Have you taken any labour related educational courses or attended any labour related conferences? Example McMaster Labour Studies.
8) In the plant, have you actively protected your rights or a co-worker’s rights? For example: submitting a problem solver, time disputes, safety concern, grievance etc.
Please answer the next question in a paragraph with examples and details to provide the best outlook on how going to PEL or HSF will impact your union experience.

Pledge of Participation within Our Local Union

By clicking the submit button I understand the One Week PEL or HSF program plays a very important role in developing activists and the future leadership of our local union. If selected and once I have completed the program, I pledge that I will become involved in our local. 

I will;

  • Attended General Membership meetings and report on my learnings;
  • Join one or more of the many committees Local 88 offers;
  • Actively participate in the community promoting our local union.