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Podcast Questions

Questions for Linda Trbizan GM/CAMI Plant Director.

This year has been a roller coaster for the auto industry, with the semi-conductor chip shortage and massive push for electric vehicles.
Unifor Local 88’s Communications Committee has reached out to ask if GM CAMI Assembly Plant Manager Linda Trbizan would have a question and answer session from a CAMI perspective for a podcast. Linda has agreed. 

As with most things at GM we have to be cautious about the information we discuss, so we have some parameters to work within.
We hope that sharing information at a time when so much is unknown may be helpful to Local 88 members. 

Topics will be limited to the CAMI plant, BEVs, BrightDrop, EV600 etc.
We won’t be discussing contract issues, benefits, other plants or anything around those topics.

We cannot guarantee all questions will be answered but these will give us a good idea of what Local 88 members are interested in knowing.

Please be respectful. 

Unifor Local 88 Communications Committee


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