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Retired Worker’s Authorization Form

Posted in Retirees, and Unifor Local 88


October 10, 2018 Brian Ginty and the retiree committee held their monthly retiree’s meeting at the Local 88 hall. It is always enjoyable to speak and see the retirees at this meeting. One issue that remains outstanding is the required amount of retirees to sign and return the ” Retired Worker’s  Authorization For Check-Off Dues”. I have attached the form for all retirees to sign and return to our Hall at:

364 Victoria Street
P.O. Box 158
Ingersoll, Ontario
N5C 3K5

In order to become an official Retiree Committee we need to have over a 100 members to be paying dues and these dues are only for the use of the retiree committee events and their members.

Dues Check off Form (1)