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Retiree Lunch

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Last updated on September 17, 2019

  If any retiree wishes to attend the Christmas lunch on November 11, 2019, you must put down a deposit of $25/person, with either Chuck Smith, Doug Howey , or Brian Ginty.
For more information, you may contact them at…
Chuck Smith..​..​​ ​
Doug Howey
or Brian Ginty.​
on or before October 30, 2019. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSION.
This will ensure enough plates have been ordered with the catering service.
Please make your cheque ​payable to Local 88. If you do not attend, the cheque will be cashed to offset the cost of the meal.
​As was reported out at the September retiree meeting, any cheque given to Linda Leyten WILL be deposited, so be sure to give it to either Chuck, Doug, or Brian.​