Attached are corrected seniority lists.
There were a couple of corrections made. Thank you to the members that reached out to point out errors.

The list we have posted is from the company and includes your start date and seniority number (adjusted if needed) to create the sequence provided. If there is any errors in that information please reach out to to have it corrected if necessary.

Also, it seems there was a link to an different seniority list shared recently.
Unfortunately, that list may have been sorted for a specific reason, or filtered for a reason, which has caused some confusion. We don’t know who made that list, why they made it, where they posted it, who it included or excluded. It may also have been incorrect and later corrected. I have reached out to the company to see why that list was different from the list we have been receiving from GM Ingersoll. Please refer to the list we post for reference on our website.

We will continue to post the list we receive from the company and if there are any errors we will have them corrected as soon as possible.

Members who have signed up their intent to retire are not on the production list at this time.

The current return to work plan is to have all production members returning on a rotational basis, the most-senior members will have an opportunity to work continuously without bumping any junior workers from their rotation.

We are planning to release a video by this Wednesday with a rotation schedule for production and more information (will be available at
There is a great deal of information so we will be holding a number of short hourly informational sessions.

  • Friday Nov 11 (8am-8pm) (except 11am)
  • Monday Nov 14 (8am-8pm)
Corrected Seniority List Nov 8 2022
Copy of Maintenance Seniority-Nov 2022-