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Strike Memories Anniversary Sept 17, 2018

Posted in In Our Community, and Unifor Local 88

Whether you want to remember the highly stressful times of a year ago or would rather forget, September 17, 2017 changed everything for Unifor Local 88.

For the second time in our history, and exactly 25 years later, we went out on strike.

Stress was incredibly high but we banded together to keep each other afloat emotionally.

We held the lines and coordinated office duties, finance duties, communications, rallies, and an incredible amount of logistics for 29 days.

Solidarity was the biggest key to morale during our time on the line. BBQs, karaoke, ring toss, hockey games, rallies, and support from our community hit all time highs to keep us going.

A year has passed and the Communications Committee has decided to undertake the task of sorting through the, literally, thousands of pictures to make a slide show to help us remember.

With the number of pictures the slide show has grown to 3 slideshows.
We are releasing the first today and for the next 2 culminating on the 17th.

You will also be able to find them on our YouTube channel when they are all released.

Solidarity everyone,
Local 88 Communications team.