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Unifor Local 88

UAT Training Information.

UAT Training Information.

Union Awareness Training – Trainers Required

As a result of the 2017 Collective Agreement each Union Member represented by Unifor Local 88 will be provided with 24 hours of Union Awareness Training.  This training will be conducted at the Unifor Local 88 Union Hall.  The following positions are required:

  • Four Full Time Trainers
  • Two Alternate Trainers (activated only in long term absence by full time trainer)


All Union Awareness Trainers will be scheduled to work 40 hours per regular work-week.  Their duties will include tasks such as:

  • Conduct training
  • Maintaining the training classroom and related materials
  • Completing any additional administrative items related to the training
  • Making the necessary preparations for subsequent training sessions
  • Attend Unifor General Membership Meetings
  • Will require working all three shifts
  • Compiling attendance documents to be submitted to CAMI


One of the Four Full Time Trainers will be selected to be the Union Awareness Coordinator and will oversee the Trainers and the Training Modules.  Additional duties will include:

  • Help develop curriculum and training modules
  • Sourcing training materials/resources
  • Assisting in the development of a participant scheduling process with a CAMI liaison
  • Creating trainer effectiveness evaluations
  • Revising/updating curriculum and training modules
  • Liaising with Unifor Local 88 and CAMI as required

If you are interested you will need to complete a Union Awareness Trainer Application and submit to the Inplant Office by 4pm, May 25, 2018.  The applications are available in the Inplant Union Office or from your Inplant Committee Rep.

Joe Graves & Mike Van Boekel

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