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Website Calendar And Downloads

Posted in Communication, and Unifor Local 88

Hello everyone,

We’ve received many comments that our website calendar hasn’t been synchronizing correctly with people’s mobile devices.
After jerry-rigging a solution several times we have basically torn it all down and started fresh from the ground up.

The old calendars still exist but we have stopped updating them so we could build the new ones. The old ones will still work for the time being and have shift schedules on there up until summer shutdown. That should give everyone plenty of time to switch over.
We also think we have figured out why the old ones couldn’t be downloaded through a mobile browser or the app, fingers crossed the new format works.
The calendars still can’t be downloaded if you visit through Facebook but that seems to be on their end, not ours so best is to come to the website through your favourite browser and do it that way.

Our testing is telling us that everything is working correctly but we have only a handful of us to test it out.
If you have any difficulties with it please let us know, as everyone’s mobile device can act a bit differently depending on whether they are updated, the model, etc…

Let me know if you have problems at


P.S. To delete the old calendar from your iPhone go to Settings–>Passwords & Accounts–> Subscribed Calendars.
Select the one you want to be deleted and hit delete at the bottom.
The new Calendars are called Events &

To delete from your android device go to open Google Calendar.
In the top right, click Settings Settings and then Settings.
In the left column, find the calendar you want to delete.
Click the name of the calendar.
Click Remove calendar and then Delete and then Delete permanently. 


Please download from a separate web browser and not the link through the Facebook app, It will not work.