Currently our members who are collecting E.I. and qualify to receive SUB payments from General Motors are eligible to receive both.
Unfortunately the government is still not allowing members who are receiving CERB (or more specifically our hybrid EI-ERB) to collect the SUB payment.
The National Union has been lobbying the government  for several weeks to change this inconsistent practice and to rule SUB (not as income) same as the current EI rules.
This would allow these eligible members to collect SUB.

Despite numerous meetings the government has not changed the rules for CERB.
Wednesday, April 15th Unifor sent the following letter to Minster Qualtrough, Minister of Employment asking that the Government review the CERB rules.

“Today Thursday April 16th, Scott Bell, Managing Director and President of GM Canada has also sent a  letter to Minster Qualtrough,  requesting that SUB benefits be paid to our members who are qualify and are eligible for the benefit.
In the letter Scott Bell states “We would like to pay employees these SUB benefits and are therefore requesting that the new temporary income replacement programs, such as CERB, be considered equivalent to EI for the purposes of enabling SUB benefits to be paid.” to eligible employees. ”
Letter From GM Canada to Minister Qualtrough- April 16 2020

We will keep our Members posted as news becomes available.


Excerpt from Unifor 199.