This page will provide one location for all the information and resource lists we have available to assist members while on layoff. 

The videos below were filmed on Oct 17 2023. There is two of them, Brent/Mike and Resource Centre intro/EFAP. We encourage you to watch both.


Anyone who wants to book vacation or change vacation needs to contact their department BUL. We will have a list of department contacts below.

We have a lot of people with 40 hours or greater of paid vacation time.

At a certain point the company will notify everyone that they will force vacation into available weeks – you may want to contact your respective BUL and book full weeks sooner than later.  At some point they do have the right to schedule the 40 hours into down weeks.

RESOURCE CENTRE EMAIL: Phone: 5194250952 Ext 104

Latest Videos:

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Layoff Posts and Information:

Vacation Contacts For Each Department
Assembly –
Welding –
Paint –
Materials –
Quality –

Union Contacts
Brent Tree – 519-317-6059
Mike VanBoekel – 519-608-4298
Jason Herman – 519-983-3776
Ron Zavitz – 519-608-3726
Bob Pulham – 519-788-8812
Mario Difelice – 519-608-3773
Jeff Bankes – 519-639-3567
Stephan Cronin – 519-777-7775
Rob Gallace – 519-521-7609

Dave Simmons – 519-521-7051