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Anti-Bullying T-Shirts

A message from the Local 88 Human Rights Committee: Anti-Bullying T-Shirts If you would like an Anti-Bullying T-Shirt please fill out the form in the link below or in the sidebar of the members area page. We will place an order when we receive orders for 50 or more shirts. We need a minimum of 24 long sleeve shirt requests before we can place an order. Shirts are $20. Any questions please contact us here. Order forms here.  

Oxford County Pride Events

Unifor Local 88 is a proud sponsor of the Oxford pride festival. June is Pride month and in the spirit of Pride the Communications Committee has changed the website banner from Unifor red to the Pride rainbow! In the future if you have an event that is put on by or Local 88 sponsored please let us know plenty of time in advance and we will see if we can update our site header for the event. Send us an email here. For a list of events and to check out the Oxford Pride website please click on the poster below.

Yard Sale In Support Of The Women’s Resource Centre

The Women’s and Young Workers Committee will be holding a yard sale Saturday June 16th in support of the Women’s Resource Centre. To find out times and info, and to donate items, please see the attached poster.

Provincial All Candidates Meeting For Oxford

Come out and meet the candidates. Get Informed before you vote. Locations and times on the attached poster.

Canadian Association of Labour Media Awards

For those that are not aware Local 88 is a member of the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM). Once a year the association holds an awards night to honour excellence in the print, broadcast, online and graphics arts for material produced in the previous year from all across Canada. Tonight, Friday May 11, 2018, the ceremony is being held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Local 88 has won 3 Awards! Best photograph Winner: volunteer produced. Sister Doris Weir snapped the winning pic during our strike in 2017 of Sister Ashley Osbourne and her son on the picket line. Rosemarie Bahr award for excellence in print layout and design Winner – volunteer produced. For our April 2017 Off the Line newsletter. Best website Winner Volunteer produced: I’d like to personally thank E...

Chili Cook off Cancelled

Please note the Chili cook off has been cancelled. Any questions please Contact Julie Fenn. (Info on poster)

Changes to Facebook and how they affect us

We have/had an autoposting system set up on this website to automatically post anything from the news section of this website over to our Facebook group. Now with the newly reported security concerns at FB they have decided to pull that ability along with many others, including our FB members area login, away from groups, pages, and most third party apps until these concerns can be dealt with. Until they figure out what they are doing we will have to post in our Group the old fashioned way. Copy and paste content over manually. Unfortunately that adds the human element back in to the equation so there may be some delay between posts on the site and FB group. We will be testing the functionality of our FB login for the members area this weekend and may need to disable that as well. If we do...

Introducing our NEW Unifor Local 88 APP!!

Introducing the NEW Unifor Local 88 App. We have been real busy working on a new app for the members. Our previous one was glitchy and when we moved sites to the new server they basically stopped supporting us You will find new features in the new app including access to the members area, Quick link to the Calendar and a ALERTS section to filter all notifications. in regards to notifications, Those are triggered whenever someone makes a post on the website. So on some days you may not get any., others you may recieve multiple. Also NEW is members area notifications. Including friend request and Messages. We will soon be adding the new contract to the members area as well. Keep your alerts on and watch for the notification to appear in your “alert” inbox for the link. As Allan a...

Plastic Bottle Deposit Petition.

Over a billion bottles and cans don’t get recycled in Ontario each year! Sign this petition to help change that.These recyclables either end up in our landfills or littered in our streets, parks and rivers. Recyclables are being washed downstream and polluting our Great Lakes and drinking water. Tiny bits of plastic are being eaten by small fish and other animals which cause chemicals to enter the food chain. Ontario needs to do a much better job of recycling to protect our Environment and Human Health. Ontario has the worst recycling return rate than any other province in Canada. Next time you are drinking from a bottle or can, please read the label. It will say, “Return for Refund where Applicable” Return for Refund programs are found throughout Canada and the United States. It’s time fo...

Used Cell Phone Recycling.

Posted on behalf of the Environment Committee. For information on joining the Environment Committee. Please contact Todd Sleeper or Ashley Osborne.

Environmental Awards Dinner

Congrats to Local 88 member Linda Smith. For information on joining the Environment Committee please contact Todd Sleeper or Ashley Osborne.  

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