With the changes to Payroll we will be receiving more T4 slips and receipts than in previous years.
A check list is included in the memo below to help make sure you account for all forms during tax filing.
Please make sure your address on file is correct for mail out of your Tax Slips.

For those who are registered to the “My CRA” with Canada Revenue these forms may be available to download earlier.

January 17 , 2022
2021 Tax Slip Information – CAMI Active Hourly Team Members
Due to changes to the Payroll & Benefits systems in 2021, you will receive more tax slips for 2021 than you did for the 2020 tax year. As an active hourly CAMI
Assembly team member, you will be mailed your General Motors 2021 tax slips to your home address.
Please ensure that your home address is up to date in Workday by January 28, 2022 to facilitate the timely delivery of your tax slips. The tax slips will not be
distributed at the plant.
Get Your 2021 Tax Year Check List
To help you with your 2021 tax year preparations and for ease of tracking, a check list is available to you as you watch your mail for each item to arrive – simply
check √ the boxes that pertain to you as you receive your slips. Contact information for where to direct inquiries for each tax slip is also included on the
2021 Tax Year Tracking Checklists are available here:
• www.gmcamiassembly.ca
• www.unifor88.ca
• Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CAMIAssembly
• Human Resources Desk
Please note: The deadline for tax slip mailing is by the end of February each year.