The parties have reached an agreement prior to day 2 of the arbitration hearing.

We are including the settlement with this post.

The agreement establishes the SUB entitlement for the former EMC members will be 78 weeks at the full 65% rate. (company is currently paying 52 weeks total, 26 of those at 65% and 26 at 50%)

The rate will remain at that level until a Former EMC member reaches the 20 year mark at which time the rate will go to the 104 weeks at 65%.

We are working with the company on retirement options and exit dates for the former EMC workers and will be setting up a meeting, tentatively set for Wednesday, February 16 All former EMC members are encouraged to attend.  At that meeting we should have each members individual standing regarding years of service, number of weeks of entitlement, and date of potential retirement option.

Details of the meeting time and place will be published once established.