Oct 2022

We have been getting lots of calls and messages from members about EI claims ending. If you attempt to sign into your EI reporting and it says you “no longer have an active claim” this means your EI has ran out. You can also check your My Service Canada Account to see if you have an active claim or not.

If you are SUB-eligible, we need you to re-apply for EI benefits. To check your SUB weeks, you can call GMNA People Services @ 1-800-930-9130 and select or ask for payroll. This is the most accurate way to check your remaining weeks.

When you reapply and have enough hours, you will establish a new claim. If you do not have enough hours, Service Canada will generate a Denial Letter that states you did not have enough hours. This letter will be mailed to you or available online through service Canada account. You must submit this to the sub office (email below) to trigger your sub.  If you are SUB payable, you won’t need to do anything else after.  You will be paid for either the remainder of your SUB eligibility or until we return to work.

If you are out of SUB and had more than 6 years at the beginning of our layoff, you are IMP eligible. If your EI claim ends, you will still need to re-apply for EI benefits and be denied. The denial letter will need to be submitted to: Canadian_suboffice@gm.com with your first IMP application, and then you can do IMP applications for each week as you go forward.


Thank you,
and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend,
Your Benefits Committee.