Unifor Local 88 Resource Centre has once again partnered with Fanshawe College to offer different Digital Literacy Workshops free of charge.

These additional workshops will be held at the Union Hall starting at 9am.  Workshops will be roughly 3 hours in length. Computers are available in limited number. You do not need to sign up for all courses- if you would just like to take 1 or 2 just sign up for those.  A minimum of 6 required to run the workshop.

If you would like to register for these workshops, deadline is Wednesday, February 21. Please register with the Resource Centre by calling (519) 425-0952 ext. #104 or emailing: resource@unifor88.ca.

We would like to thank GM Cami Assembly for the use of computers to complete these workshops.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to see at these workshops.

  1. February 29th- Intro to Computers and Internet Safety- Internet and networking, Security, Software updates, back-ups, storing information in the cloud, task manager, online shopping, using social media. Password management, 2 Factor Authentication, being cautious with information, updating, safe browsing
  2. March 7th- Word- Creating a word document, and using word to the best
  3. March 11th- Excel- Learning to navigate through an Excel worksheet
  4. March 21st- Google Docs – brief summary on how to use this tool

**Please note just because you have shown interest previously does not mean you are automatically signed up**