From the video yesterday. Here is more information regarding postings.

There are many people taking the ESA packages. There should be a lot of postings that are going up specific to the Equinox. There will also likely be other jobs that will be posted that will state Equinox/Brightdrop, those postings will carry over for the Brightdrop program.

Here is a list of jobs that are being grandfathered.

  • All Core Team members
  • QC – Task Force team, Torque team
  • Materials – Count Team Leader
  • Paint – E-Coat team, 2 shifts
  • Body – DIG team, 2 shifts
  • Assembly – 2 Repair Team Leaders plus 4 P.A.s total (2 per shift), Kaizen


All current Brightdrop Launch Team and Kuka Teams will be reduced at some point.

Team Leader jobs for Brightdrop will be restricted to current Team Leaders plus any Team Leaders that are currently red circled for the initial postings.

Posting rights will be restored for everyone. However, members posting to Brightdrop jobs will be restricted from posting further for 6 months as of the start of Brightdrop production. This will allow the plant to launch for 6 months with reduced movement, the same thing we have done for past new model launches.

A posting plan will have to be developed when we will know teams, team sizes, shifts, etc. The plan is currently being worked on, as information comes from the company, but will take 2-3 months to finalize.