The following will help to check your
July 2021-June2022 accumulated hours
Paid Vacation Entitlement
to be taken July 2022-June 2023

How a TM can see their Kronos Timecard on the Kiosk:

From the Hourly Kiosk home screen in plant
Click the green “LOGIN” word
An authentication window will open, type your GMID and Password, click LOGIN
The panel on the left will populate with more links
Click the black “My Time OFF (via Kronos)” words
The window on the right will change to the blue KRONOS login screen
Type your GMID and Password, hit enter

To sign-out, click the “Sign Out” words in the top right
It takes you back to the blue KRONOS login screen
In the panel on the left, click the red “LOGOFF” word

Your screen will look something like the image below (It may need to be viewed in full screen)
The highlighted area shows the hours you have accumulated for towards your 2022-2023 Vacation entitlement.

As of Tuesday Feb 1st this person has 472 hours towards their 1000-hour vacation qualifier
for time off from July  2022 – June 30 2023

Vacation entitlement based on years of service is in the collective agreement.
Members who do not accumulate 1000 hours are entitled to the time off
but the number of paid hours is reduced
“for each fifty hours or part thereof by which a member fails to work…
hours of vacation with pay will be reduced by 5%.”

Example: A member entitled to 200 vacation hours and accumulates 950-999 hours will receive
190 hours of paid Vacation and entitled to 10 hours of Unpaid Vacation in the following year